On creating my artwork About me(in English & Japanese)



 I have always been interested in philosophy, ethics, religion, good and evil, reason, justice, the spiritual world and the inner life of people. I have studied and thought about the role and relationship of these in society and as individuals, how they help people and have meaning.I believe that this interest was born from a desire to learn more about the changes in the various societies that make up our world over time, the differences in thinking and subjectivity that arise in different cultures around the world, and the differences in thinking and subjectivity of different individuals.
  I have been particularly interested in the period around the 19th century. This includes the period itself, the works of art from this period and works that deal with this period as a theme. (Not only paintings and artworks, but also novels, films and other works in general).In my opinion, it is because I feel that there are similarities between this period and the present day. The reason for this is that the evolution of technology has led to a major change in people’s sense of values. This has brought about changes in existing and new thinking, changes in common sense, the chaos that has emerged from this, and the transitional confusion caused by the coexistence of new things and existing things as the times change drastically, which overlaps with the trends that occurred during the Industrial Revolution and globalisation of the 19th century and the IT innovations and social conditions of today. The changes being brought about by the current IT technological innovations and social changes overlap with the trends that occurred during the industrial revolution and globalisation in the 19th century.From this, we receive what we need in a world in the midst of great change, and learn much of what we need to create a world in which each of us as individuals living today can feel happier.

  In terms of paintings, I like many works by the Impressionists. The inner life of the work and, as I mentioned earlier, the change in the subject matter chosen for this period from previous periods is interesting to me, and the colouring of the external elements and the way light and shadow are used are very much in line with my own tastes.

  What influences and inspires me in creating my work are the physical and inner sensations I experience in my daily life. These are mainly what I feel and think about when I talk to people, what I see and hear, invisible signs, air and atmosphere, and especially what I feel and receive from nature (sky, weather, forests, trees, rivers, oceans, etc.).The reason for this is that I believe that the reality that exists and can be felt for each individual is part of the real world that actually exists, and that changes in this part of the real world will lead to changes in society.
I have suffered in some aspects from my trait of sensing too many things for many years, but now I want to express what I can receive because of this trait. And I want to contribute that to the world. I try to express the thoughts and feelings I get from this energy I receive and the inspiration I feel on a daily basis in my work.

【Background and concept of creation】

My main reason for creating is to express the energy that I receive and that is within me as a work of art. This is so that people who see my work can feel or gain some energy from it, and by giving my energy back to this world, I ultimately aim to increase the total amount of happiness in this world.

The reason for this is that, as a result of my own past experiences, people live in this world with wounds large and small, whether consciously or unconsciously. In order to live freely from the heart, to make choices that make sense to you, to do what is necessary to live for your own intrinsic happiness, I believe that the emotional side of each individual needs to be fulfilled first. This means storing up the energy to start moving in the heart. I have had the experience of receiving this energy from various works of art in the world (not only works of art, but also novels, films, dramas, comics, stage productions, dance and other forms of physical expression in all genres) and gradually recovering myself. As a way of storing this energy in my heart, I want to support this through my work, and I believe that each fulfilled individual should live and move in their own essential happiness, and that the more such people there are, the more the total amount of happiness in the world will increase. This is also due to the fact that I have always had many opportunities to be consulted by people around me and help them solve their problems, and I wanted to use this in a more social aspect.

I have been experimenting with different ways of outputting my energy. I have tried different ways of outputting my energy, be it through creative activities such as fiction, photography or dance, or through more direct support, verbal support, becoming a qualified counsellor, or more practical and functional aspects such as cooking, making jewellery or doing office work. As a result, the creation and transmission of artwork is what I currently feel is the most comfortable output of my inner thoughts, feelings and energy, and what I feel I can contribute to this world by smoothing out and circulating what I have taken in.

I have ideas in my head every day that I want to give shape to in the future, so I’m starting with what I can do now to realise them. I would like to realise and transmit them in various forms in the future.